Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meditate your stress away.

      A new year! A new fresh start! Have a lot of stress built up with the expectation of the new year? Loosing weight, new career goals, new children, relationship changes and maybe starting a new one. Financial goals to get out of debt, saving money,buying a house? Moving?
       Whew! I feel exhausted already. How do I manage my stress? I recently have been trying meditation practices whether being guided by youtube videos online or contemplative prayer or just sitting still for 15-20 minutes with no noise or distractions. Try to tear yourself apart from the noise of life for just a few minutes each day and see what kind of positive difference it makes in your life! It has done wonders for my anxiety and depression levels as well as energy! You don't have to sit in perfect yoga monk poses. Just the separation from the world for a time to focus on yourself and observing your feelings and not judging them as good or bad or taking hold of them can really help you relax. Just observing your feelings as a leaf floats down a stream. Just try it out! I hope you find some release of stress and positive energy for the year ahead!